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"Awakening" is in honor of the many
revelations or new discoveries we experience
in our lives, from wakening to a new day,
to having a major (or minor) epiphany.

The inspiration for this artwork came during
a time when I was experiencing a lot of
losses...unexpected deaths of friends and
family. My personal awakening was the
realization that we are often called upon to
carry more than one emotion at the same time.
Sometimes, these emotions seem to be at
opposite ends of the spectrum. I realized, even
though I was grieving, I could also carry
in my heart the joys of friendship
and daily living.

In order to experience 'an awakening' in
life, we must look at things from a fresh
perspective – and, sometimes, that requires us
to move out of our comfort zone or shift our
perception. Likewise, to fully experience the
artwork "Awakening", the viewer must
literally take a step in another direction
in order to see the whole picture.

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Northern AZ Watercolor Society
Experimental Watermedia Exhibit 2012


  "Awakening"  © Cathy Gazda
4 Paintings / Mixed Media / Lenticular
13 x 25 x 1.5 inches
•  SOLD  •
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