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July 13, 2013.  One of my mentors, artist
Dennis Burton, passed away on Monday...his
memorial takes place tonight in Vancouver.
I wish I could be there.

Recently, after pulling out some old notebooks,
I'd realized how much he'd impacted my life
and was in the midst of writing him a thank-
you letter when I got the news.

In those art journals – next to notes I'd
scribbled down on art history, reincarnation,
golden-mean relationships, colour perception
wave lengths, the ten commandments trans-
lated into geometry, and why storms are
named after women (all according to Dennis
Burton), was this doodle I'd done of him.

A larger-than-life character, intense,
passionate, aggravating, playful, innovative
and astute, Dennis was a natural story-teller
and gifted jazz musician, in addition to being
an incredible artist and true pioneer in the
Canadian art scene.

I send heartfelt blessings across the miles
to Diane, Maihyet, Varyn and extended
family members.

R.I.P. Dennis, your lifelong contribution
as artist and educator have forever secured
your place in art history.  Your integrity and
presence on the planet certainly made a
difference in my life...thank you.


Doodle of Dennis

    "Doodle of Dennis"
© 2013  Cathy Gazda
(doodle was done over 40 years ago)
   Pen sketch/doodle - 2 x 1 inches

Written in the side margins, next to this doodle:
"If you don't discipline yourself, someone else will." – Dennis Burton

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