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October 11, 2012:   The positive aspects of
living in a rural area far outweigh the
disadvantages when it comes to the
abundant and varied wildlife with whom
we share the solitude.

This petite, shy desert gray fox likes to eat
berries from the juniper and manzanita
bushes outside the studio window.

It's a real treat when s/he comes around at
dawn or late afternoon/early evening dusk.
Once satiated on berries and bugs, s/he will
often sit or lie under one of the trees for a
spell, which is especially delightful to observe.

Mostly silvery gray in color, with a shawl-like
mane of russet red, Paul once saw her/him
climb the cottonwood tree with the finesse
of a cat!


Gray Fox

    "Gray Fox"  © 2012  Cathy Gazda
   Graphite - 6 x 6 inches

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