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Spent part of the morning walking in our
yard with a young raven who stopped by.

S/he seemed interested in checking out the
locale (and, while she didn't come right out and
say it, I got the impression the pros and cons
of making a nest were seriously being
considered).  She casually strolled across the
front yard, and made her way around the
entire perimeter of the property, before
coming into the backyard.  Raven led the
way...I merely followed.

When our neighbor, Chuck, came over to say
'hello', she hopped onto a tree branch and
waited patiently until we'd finished our

At that point, she and I resumed our walk – 
enjoying the sunshine on our backs, and
reflecting on the shadows we cast upon the
ground, amongst other deep subjects.

Old friends, we parted with a promise to
catch up again soon.


Shadow Self

    "Shadow Self"
© 2013  Cathy Gazda
   Acrylic on stretched canvas - 5 x 7 inches

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