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I love a good martini. Alas, unlike George Burns
who had a martini every day and died at the
age of 100, I only indulge ‘said delight’ on
special occasions.

Recently, our friend, Patti, celebrated a
birthday. All the joy-filled times spent
sharing music, gardening tips, our love of
art, astronomy, knitting, pottery, canoeing,
camping, eating scrumptious food and drinking
stupendous martinis came to mind.

Stream of consciousness flowing brought
similar memories of another dear friend, Keith
(may he rest in peace); who, while Head Chef
at ‘No Small Affair’ in Toronto, first introduced
Paul and I to "The Great Martini".

So, here’s to you, Patti...and to you,
celebration of your loving, kind, playful and
generous spirits. Though miles separate us
physically, you are always in my heart!


  " 'Tini Time "  © Cathy Gazda
   Acrylic on Canvas Panel - 7 x 5 inches

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