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To begin to know another person, you must go beyond what you see on the surface.

We all carry many layers of experiences within.
"Under My Skin" is a mixed media, interactive
artwork representing a selection of a few of
mine. Some are easy to reveal; others are not.

If you are willing to take the time, the viewer is
invited to (literally) take my hands in yours and
gently pull them down.  Each of the underlying
layers will take time to peel away.

How well you get to know me depends
on how much time you are willing to give.

"Under My Skin" is an almost life-size interactive artwork. Because the viewer's
physical interaction is a key element to this
artwork, only a few layers have been
shown with no close-up views. The artwork
is available during public exhibitions
or by private appointment only.

A few comments in response to the artwork:

"You have touched us, so soulfully that
it hurts. And even the hurting is beautiful.
- S.T. Arizona

"Very potent. Quite a gift for a passing
visitor. My gratitude..." - G.F. New Mexico

"Rarely am I affected this way by others'
artwork. Thank you." - X.L. Arizona

"It's like looking into someone's soul.
You can't help but be affected by it.
Like peeling back an onion, layer by layer...
Very powerful piece. Very brave." - L.H. Canada



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