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The first in a series called 'Angels Unaware'.

The title is inspired by a quote of poet and
novelist Rainer Maria Rilke in conversation
with Dr. Sigmund Freud where he said:
"If you rid me of my demons,
my angels might take flight, too

Tom Waits also used the line in
his song "Please Call Me Baby".

If you attempted to draw a white ball on a
white piece of paper, the only way to
distinguish it from the paper would be by
illustrating the shadows.  How similar
that is with human beings.

Without our dark side, there can be no appreciation of the light. Usually all of our worst qualities have a corresponding positive side, and vice versa. Rather than banishing the shadow (and possibly banishing some of the light), perhaps we can embrace both as
equally important parts of who we are.


"If I Exorcise My Devils, My Angels May Leave, Too"
©  Cathy Gazda
Acrylic on stretched canvas  --  28 x 22 inches framed
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