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Nov. 29, 2012:   Sometimes my soul will sail to
places far away from the desert wilderness
that surrounds, in search of big water.

Today my thoughts bobbed and drifted along
glassy smooth ocean currents, tucked amidst
tiny islands around Alert Bay, British Columbia.

Here, layers of cloud and mist curl between
land and water, while colours blend... softly
mirrored on the sea's reflective surface.

Occasionally, the whispering 'whoosh, whoosh'
of a raven's wings sing overhead like a lullaby
lilting through the quiet stillness cradled in
these straits.

With barely a ripple, a dorsal fin emerges from
the ocean depths as a great orca whale
exhales and inhales before descending once
again.  A large pod swims by while I inhale
and exhale in rhythm...we are all one.


Mind Fully Alert

    "Mind Fully Alert"
© 2012  Cathy Gazda
   Acrylic on canvas panel - 5 x 7 inches

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