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Laurie is a woman of many talents, so it was
hard to pick only 3 adjectives to capture
her essence.

In addition to having a hugely generous heart
and being very funny, Laurie is one of the
kindest people I know.

A lifelong horse-lover, Laurie is happiest
when in a saddle exploring local forest trails
with her horse, Buttons, or mucking around the
barn.  She and Buttons are equally adept at
Western and English riding and have competed
in both styles over the years.  While they only
ride for pleasure now, in the past it was
always fascinating to watch them work 'in
synch' while they maneuvered and jumped
obstacles on a field, or herded cattle into
a pen in award-winning times.

A gifted writer, Laurie is currently focused on
completing her first screenplay (which naturally
has a horse-theme).  When she's not with
Buttons, or at her laptop writing, you might
find her 'tickling the ivories' on a piano into
some classic Cole Porter.

Not only is she one of my dearest friends,
she is also my sister.  Lucky me!   



© 2012  Cathy Gazda
   Acrylic on canvas - 12 x 12 inches
Private Collection

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