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Don't miss "Searching for Solid Ground",
an art exhibition at Sedona Arts Center that features artists Cathy Gazda and Rose Moon. It is an artistic exploration of life, and the wondrous ways we seek equilibrium and peace along the way.

Cathy Gazda, a long-time resident of Sedona, has won many awards, been featured in posters, book covers and has displayed in numerous national shows and museum venues including the internationally renowned Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's "Birds in Art". She often combines traditional and experimental mediums to bring a 3-D element to a 2-D painting. A viewer may be asked to actively participate with an artwork, either through direct interaction (such as unfolding layers) or by changing perspective by moving from left to right to fully experience the image. More of Gazda's work can be seen on this website. Artworks from this exhibit may be viewed at: Searching For Solid Ground (April 2015).

Rose Moon is known for her quirky magical realistic paintings depicting an array of life's circumstances. Having spent years as a hypnotherapist it is no wonder the sub-conscious mind is brought forward in her work. Influenced by surrealists and Jungian psychology her art offers up metaphorical visions. Moon says "I like my viewers to find something personally meaningful that might inspire them to experience the world in a different way." Working primarily in acrylic with occasional oil and watercolor, Rose has won awards in local and international exhibitions and can be seen at The Manheim Gallery in Cottonwood. More of Rose Moon's art can be viewed on her web

"Searching for Solid Ground" will be open to the public at Sedona Arts Center, 15 Art Barn Road in Sedona from April 2 through April 14, 10 am to 5 pm. The Opening Reception will be April 3, 5 pm till 8 pm. It will be a gathering you won't want to miss. All are welcome!


Searching for Solid Ground Exhibit with Rose Moon and Cathy Gazda - Sedona Arts Center

    "Searching For Solid Ground"
Artists Rose Moon and Cathy Gazda
Sedona Arts Center, 15 Art Barn Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336
Open 10-5 everyday
Opening Reception April 3, 5-8
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