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October 8, 2012:   Happy Thanks Giving to
all my Canadian family and friends!

Today, and every day, I'm filled with gratitude
for the bounty of Mother Earth and the
many gifts of friendship that extend
beyond all borders.

Like the wild turkeys which thrive in the
forests of Ontario – feathers glistening with
colours much bolder than those found on
domestic turkeys – may you revel in
your 'wildness'. 

May your harvest be plentiful, may your joys
be abundant; and, when you are faced with
life's sorrows, may you find resilience
to hold them with balance and grace.


Wildly Thank-Full

    "Wildly Thank-Full"  © 2012  Cathy Gazda
   Acrylic on canvas panel - 5 x 7 inches

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