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"Moments In Time"  Daily Paintings      May 11 - October 4, 2012
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Please Go To Previous Page BJ and Coco Take Katie For A Walk Fleabane - Erigeron divergens Mum Lovely Lucy
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Early Morning Cathedral Rock Turkey Vulture
Canadian Ace
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A Peak Sunset A Rose, Cicero's, Cicero's, Cicero's
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Hereford Mama Eclipse Encore Mountain Ayre
The Chapel - Sketch Become A Lake East of Castle Rock Mourning Time
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Blues I Choose With Eyes Open (detail)
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Tarantula Letting Go Tap Into Some Fun
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Happy Birthday, Mum Poetry Is Necessary
Jasper Great Tailed Grackle Blue Moon
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Sacred Datura Top Dog Bufo Buddy Please Go To Previous Month
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